An Introduction to Natural dyeing 


Have you ever wanted to learn how to naturally dye fibres, fabrics, textiles or clothes? Now you can learn how to extract colour from plants & colour fibres in this 6-module, self-paced online course. 

learn how to naturally dye before the year is out 

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Imagine having a world of beautiful natural colour at your fingertips, being able to walk through nature & forage for plant dyes. To have the skills to create exquisite hues effortlessly and inexpensively. To colour anything you want in whatever shades you like.

Maybe you're dreaming of dyeing your own clothes, reviving your beloved pieces, transforming your kids stained clothes or making that perfect shade for your home furnishings. You could dye textiles for props or even start a business selling naturally dyed goods, the possibilities are endless!  

Imagine you could dye anything you wanted with plants! 

Dye your clothes in the most beautiful natural colours or breathe new life into once beloved pieces. 

Dye anything you wanted

Learn creative skills, build your confidence & become a skilled natural dyer. 

Develop A new hobby

Enjoy the many benefits of connecting to nature & your environment. 

Connect to your environment

Imagine you could

It does'nt have to be complicated

Let me show you how simple, enjoyable, relaxing & satisfying natural dyeing can be! 


Module One

In this first module, I set you up for success with a solid foundation to develop the rest of your practice upon. We'll start with an introduction to the process, go over the basics & look at the exact tools, powder's & equipment you'll need for strong colours & consistent results.

A look inside:

Module Two

Mordants are the magical ingredients that can make the difference between strong colours that last & those that wash out or fade quickly. In this module, I show you the simplest most effective method of mordanting. You'll learn what mordants are and how to mordant all types of natural fibre like cotton, linen, wool, silk etc.

Module Three

We'll take a deep dive into sources of natural colour, where to look for dyes in your kitchen, neighbourhood or locality. With how-to video lessons, we'll look at how to prepare plants, create dye baths, extract colour from raw plant material & powdered dyes and everything in-between!

Module Four

You'll learn how to dye all natural fibres like cotton, linen, wool, silk & more using a variety of dye plants & colours. I teach you how get the most saturation from your dye baths & how to create strong lasting colours. I share everything I've learn over the last decade with my top dyeing tips that will set you up for incredible results each & every time. 

Module Five

In this module, I'll show you how to expand your natural dye palette & grow your confidence as a natural dyer. We will look at the wonderful world of modifiers; when to use them, how to make them & how to modify your fabric. 

Module Six

With detailed notes & videos, we'll explore 7 sources of natural dye to create a rainbow of stunning natural shades. From flowers to plants & trees, you'll have guidance on how to create natural colour & get started straight away!


The course

Results focused

This course teaches you the methods & techniques to become a skilled natural dyer, while growing your confidence & creativity. 

Self paced + supported

Move through this course at a pace to suit you & your schedule.  I'll be answering your questions & supporting you along the way.  

The details

With unlimited access to a mix of 34 instructional videos, 58 comprehensive lessons, 20+ downloadable guides, you will become a botanical colour genius! 

Kathryn is a wonderful, patient, sensitive teacher, I wish we could have spent an extra week 

Together making things

- Emiko davis, Italy

I've been experimenting  & have and have managed to make so many different colours!

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"This was amazing and super informative! You have a lovely presence"

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After experiencing a series of unfortunate events, I took refuge in a world of plants & natural colour. What started from a place of curiosity, a balm to soothe the stress of daily life, developed into a lifelong passion & soon became my livelihood. I have been working with natural dyes for over a decade & love to share what I've learnt with others. 

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If I run into difficulties or challenges, can I ask you for help? 

You can ask questions at any point as you move through the course & I'll be happy to help you along the way. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access my course? 

Once you enrol, you'll be asked to create an account & password. You can then log into your account and access the content whenever you want or any device you choose. You'll have lifetime access to the course & all it's content. 

What do I need to get started? 

To get started with the very basics of natural dyeing all you need is a dye pot, stove or hot plate, water, dye plants , a wooden spoon, strainer & something to dye. Many tools and pieces of equipment can be purchased inexpensively or sourced from your kitchen. To continue with your journey & get the most from this course you will need to purchase a few different powdered ingredients which I detail in Module 1. I will show you where you can source an abundance of natural colour simply & inexpensively. 

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Plus so much more!


Lessons & Instruction

58 detailed lessons, 34 videos, 20+ downloads, resources & natural colour guide.


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Immediate & lifetime access to all the material in the course. 


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Have question's, run into challenges or need support? Ask your questions as they arise, I'm only an email away. 

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