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Natural Dyeing explores the versatility of plant-based dyes, from understanding, choosing and preparing your fibre for dyeing to foraging for your dyes and the different dyeing methods used.

Natural dyeing takes your through the entire process from start to finish. With detailed instructions on scouring, mordanting & dyeing, this book will act as a handy guide as you become adapt at this incredible process. 

THE Features

Natural Dyeing

01. Paperback, 144 pages 

02. Covers how to work with both cellulose & animal fibres. 

03. Detailed instructions of the process with 8 natural dye projects.

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"Thank you very much for such an inspiring approach (I used to work in medical education, and it is exemplary how you introduce novices to your area in your book! I especially like how you get through the sense of attentiveness to and appreciation for the natural world!)".                         LYDIE STOKES