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I help creatives learn the foundations of natural dyeing in the simplest, most enjoyable way possible

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Sharing the joy & beauty of plant colour so you can naturally dye the fibres & textiles of your life

Natural dye workshops, online courses, articles, tutorials & more for complete beginners, creative types, plant colour enthusiasts, nature lovers & colour nerds. 

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Natural Dye Workshops

Hands-on immersive learning experiences around the processes of natural dyeing, Dublin & elsewhere.


Online Natural Dye Courses 

Can't make it to a workshop but want to learn the process from the comfort of your own home? 


Natural Dye Plants 

Members-only access to seasonal & local natural colour sources throughout the year.


Beginner's natural dye workshop

Join me in London this May for a morning of natural dyeing. Learn about the techniques & processes involved in this incredible art form

Plant Dyes, Textiles & Botanical Paints Workshop


Learn how to extract colour from plants, dye textiles & make watercolour paints from natural ingredients. 

“no chemical dye has that lustre, that under glow of rich colour, that delicious aromatic smell, that soft light & shadow that give so much pleasure to the eye.

These colours are alive ”


from the


Natural dye resources, articles & tutorials to help guide & support you on your creative journey.


Learn how to dye fabric with avocado stones

Learn how to dye with avocados

This 1-hour mini-course covers everything you need to know to get started with the basics of natural dyeing using avocado stones.   

Learn how to naturally dye fibres, fabrics, garments & textiles

Ready to colour your life with the inspiring hues of nature? Let me show you how to access a world of stunning natural colour while expanding your creativity, confidence & skills.