Make paint from plants

Make paint from plants mini-course

Access 28 practical, clear & informative lessons on turning natural dye sources like leaves, flowers, tree parts, kitchen waste or dye powders into saturated natural paints. Start making paint from plants & natural dye sources in just 7 days with our simple 4-step process.

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What if you could make stunning, saturated natural paints from unlimited sources of natural colour? Inside you'll be able to:

Save Countless Hours: Make paint colours that are bright, saturated & varied. Why waste your time with ingredients that don't work, give dull colours or weak results?

Create Confidently: Once you've mastered the process, you'll be able to create countless colours, tones & hues. Every time you repeat the process you'll build your skills, knowledge & confidence.

Create Your Palette: Whether you're living in the city or enjoying a country life, create a palette unique to you & your location.

Stop Wasting Your Time With Plants That Don't Work

"it was a great experience, thank you so much! I hope to get around to much more dying now. I had never heard of modifying the colours before which really expands the realm of possibilities!


Imagine starting a new hobby: making paints from the unlimited sources of natural colour around you. All you need is a pot, some plant material, water, and a little patience. The real magic lies in what you do once your paint is made. By adding everyday ingredients, you can open up your palette and create unlimited colours and hues! 

Making paint from plants is easier than you think!

This process doesn't have to be complicated. LET ME show you how simple, relaxing & enjoyable paint-making can be.

guess what...

Make Paint From Plants

launching Sep 7th..

Here's what you'll learn inside the 'Make Paint From Plants' mini-course so you can save time, reduce stress & start focusing on what you'll do once your paints are made. 

  • Understanding the process
  • What you'll need: tools & equipment
  • Understanding paints, inks & pigments
  • Expanding your palette
  • Materials & equipment list
  • Where natural colour comes from
  • The secret to saturated colours 
  • Your plant-colour guide
  • How to store your plants
  • No plants, no problem: I'll show you everyday ingredients to use instead.

Here's What You'll Learn

Tools & Equipment

Sources Of Natural Colour

module one

module two

  • What are modifiers & how they work
  • What you need to expand your palette
  • Modifier recipe #1
  • Modifier recipe #2
  • Modifier recipe #3

Expand Your Palette

module four

  • How to make paint from leaves
  • How to make paint from tree parts
  • Create paint from branches
  • How to make paint from flowers
  • Make paint from dye powders

Techniques & Process

module three

take a look at the CURRICULUM

  • Creating a local palette
  • Using traditional dye powders 
  • Prolong the life of your paints
  • How to store your paint
  • Keeping a process journal
  • Q + A
  • Q & A

Perfect Your Process

module five

Time-saving, step-by-step video instructions for each step in the process.  

Detailed written lessons, notes & recipes that accompany the videos.



Life is busy, time is precious, do what makes you happy! 

Lifetime access to all the content in the course plus free updates for life. 


Need help with the process, enjoy
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A bonus workshop on how to make natural paints from Hawthorn, Eucalyptus & Coreopsis.



Learn how to use simple materials like eucalyptus bark, hawthorn, and coreopsis flowers to create a palette of rich, earthy, saturated tones for your toolbox. You can also use this guide to extract colour and make paint from any branches, bark, leaves, or flowers of your choice! 

A bonus video workshop

bonus workshop

Make Natural Paint From Bark, leaves, branches & flowers

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Make Paint From Plants

1+ hours of video instruction 



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"I just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful workshop and for all your generosity in sharing your knowledge and craft with us"


I Just want to send a thank you email. The workshop was amazing and super informative! You have a lovely presence :)

— Doris Vukovic

thank you for such a gorgeous session - I learned so much! I have been experimenting with natural dying for about a year. I was so inspired by the way you connect to the local plants"

— Shayle Shabo

"It was honestly the best workshop I have ever been to. I left the room with a new perspective & inspiratio "

— Karolina Gniado

Hi, I'm Kathryn

Hi, I’m Kathryn, the natural dyer behind the “Make Paints From Plants” mini-course. Author of “Natural Dyeing - Learn How to Create Colour & Dye Textiles Naturally”. With 13+ years of experience working with plant colour, commercial natural dye production & education.

I’ve combined my years of varied natural dye work to create clear, informative & supportive learning experiences for novice dyers, creatives, hobbyists & dabblers. 

more about me

Confident & knowledgable about the techniques & process. 

Inspired by the saturated colours you're creating from plants. 

Excited to try new colours & experiment with new plants!

knowledgeable about which plants to use for specific colours.

Proud of your newfound skills & paint making abilities.

Motivated to create a palette unique to you & the plants of your area. 

By the end of this mini-course, you will be...


This      for you if:

YOU'D LIKE TO learn something new

You've no interest in plants or colour

You want to take up a relaxing hobby


You want to save time & learn quickly

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'RE NOT interested in a creative process that is grounding & calming



It's probably
for you if...

"I found I could say things with colour and shapes that I couldn't say any other way"

— Georgia O'Keeffe

Why the pre-sale price?

I am opening enrolment early to help gauge interest while I develop the course. Once the pre-sale period ends the price will increase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the course be available, when can I access it?

You'll get full & unlimited access to the course when I launch it on Sep 7th. 

How do I access this mini-course?

The class is hosted on Teachable, once you enrol, you’ll be asked to create an account and choose a password. You'll get full access on Sep 7th! 

How long will I have access to the course?

You'll have unlimited lifetime access to the videos & lessons in the course. You'll also benefit from any updates or improvements made to the course. 

It's illegal to pick plants in my town, can I use other sources of natural colour? 

Yes, you can order dye plants or powders online. Or you can use a wide range of foods that contain dye. I cover this in the course & provide you with a list of alternatives.

What tools or equipment do I need?

To make your paint you'll need a pot, water, some plant material or dye powder & a sieve or strainer. 

If I have any questions or need help, can I email you?

Yes, of course, I want you to enjoy the process & get great results. I will be happy to answer your questions & guide you along the way.

How much plant material do I need to make paint?

That depends on how much paint you want to make, but you can make paint from as little as 1 cup of plant material!

Let me take the stress out of learning & save you time!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the most grounding and inspiring creative process? One that connects you to your environment while nourishing your creativity and calming your nervous system?

Are you ready to access a world of natural colour and start making a stunning palette of botanical paints from plants? 

are you ready to get inspired?

Let's Get Creating!

Make Paint From Plants

1+ hours of video instruction 



3 months support + LIFETIME access

(total value €450)

1 payment of €29



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