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Kathryn Davey

July 11, 2023

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I’m a author, self-taught designer & natural dyer sharing the beauty of natural dyes and plant based colour with anyone that's interested :) 

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natural dye workshops ireland

This summer’s natural dye workshop in collaboration with the incredible Jeni + Mo Glasgow was one of the most beautiful & memorable workshops to date! The sun came out in all its glory, we foraged for colour in Jeni’s orchard. Mo welcomed us into her stunning home & abundant garden where we cut leaves from her olive branches. We extracted colours from hawthorn, willow, olive, avocado, black tea, alder & hibiscus.

We gathered for lunch, with the a wonderful group in the meadow & dined under the shade of the evergreen. For a while, it felt like we were in another country! Jeni brought her Midas touch & sustained us with the freshest bounty. We dined on peppery radishes straight from the garden, her neighbour’s potatoes, leafy greens & local Boyne Valley cheese. We had the most delicious roasted peppers filled with summer tomatoes, basil + mozzarella. Followed by asparagus frittata with freshly baked baguettes and salty butter to top it all off.

natural dye workshops ireland
natural dye workshops ireland

After lunch, we created botanical inks from marigolds, hibiscus and tea, as usual, I was so busy with the dyes, I didn’t have time to take photos!

We ended the day back in the meadow for coffee & dessert. Mo spoilt us with a delicious lemon tart & flourless chocolate cake while Jeni delighted us with her famous florentines. We had some great chats & lots of laughs!

Collaborating with my inspiring friend and enjoying her delicious fare under the beautiful summer sun while exploring plant colour felt like a celebration of all that is good in life! Huge thanks to Jeni + Mo & everyone that came and made it a day to remember, thank you! While we don’t have any dates for a repeat, if you’d like news on future soirees, we do have a waitlist.

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