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A monthly digest for natural dye lovers & a growing resource for seasonal natural dye sources, colours, plants & more. 







Ready to Learn About Sources of Seasonal & Local Plant Colour?  

 Each month I'll be showing you how you can create natural colours from seasonal plants growing in abundance. I'll be sharing everything I learn through the changing seasons from exciting discoveries, tutorials, tips, recipes & so much more. If you've been wanting to learn more about natural dye sources, then you're in the right place!

A look at previous months:

March: Natural dyeing with Heather 

When working with Heather, the dye is quick to release and you will usually have a good dye to work with after simmering the plant parts for 1 hour. Your fibre will take the dye quite quickly, usually absorbing the colour


featured episodes:

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from the colourway community

“This membership is my treat to myself. I love it & look forward to it every month. Its so fascinating to learn about plant colour this way 

- Dara Dooge, Ireland


“Loving being a part of your colour community. Thanks again. This is such a lovely treat to look forward to each month!.”

- Pen Pender, Australia

You're gonna like the colourway if: 


You enjoy learning about plants, nature & colour.


You're fascinated by the alchemy of natural dyes!


You want someone to show you what colours are possible from nature.

The Colourway is a subscription based, monthly membership focused on the sharing of knowledge & creativity. It is a place of supported exploration through the inspiring beauty of plant-based colour. In a ever-changing world, this is a place to slow down, connect, learn, step outside & be inspired. 

so How does it work?

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The Colourway membership is hosted on the "Teachable" platform & sign up is simple. Your first week is free, you get to take a look, try it out & see if it's for you, if not, simply cancel anytime from the account management page. Each month I post an in depth look at a seasonal natural dye source & tutorial showing you how to extract dye & explore the range of colours possible.

I look at where the plant grows, characteristics, colour results & other interesting findings, often culinary or medicinal. As a member you will have ongoing access to a growing library of natural colour, seasonal dye sources & tutorials at your fingertips. Think of it as a visual natural colour library, you get to come visit whenever & however often you like!


Hi there,

After experiencing the extensive benefits of foraging for dye sources, creating dye baths, experimenting with colours & dyeing fibres...

I started The Colourway to share what I was learning along the way in the hope that you could experience the benefits of this soothing, meditative & grounding practice for yourself. The Colourway is a place to come unwind & be inspired, all while learning about our natural world & the colours that lay dormant below the surface.

Natural dyer, plant lover & colour nerd

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Colourway for? 

Who is The Colourway for? 

The Colourway is open to everyone. It's for those with an interest in textiles, natural dyes or the plant world. I have created it as a place for anyone wanting to reconnect to the natural world while learning about the incredible possibilities of natural colour as we move through the changing seasons of the year. It's a wonderful resource for those of you wanting to expand your knowledge & grow your confidence with support & guidance. It's a place for you to slow down, be inspired and supported in your discoveries, explorations & experiments with natural colour. The membership is a great follow on to any of my workshops or book: "Natural Dyeing, Learn how to create colour & dye textiles naturally".

Once I join, how do I access the material? 

Once I join, how do I access the material? 

You will be prompted to register with an email and password. Once you complete the process & add your card details you will gain access to the membership. You will also receive an email with your login details & password. You will need this to enter the membership. 

How long do I have access to the membership?

How long do I have access to the membership?

You will have access to the membership for the months you are subscribed. The subscription ends once you cancel your membership. 

If I sign up now do I have access to the previous months?

If I sign up now do I have access to the previous months?

Yes, as long as you are a member you will have access to all the information in The Colourway. You can take your time & dip in & out as it suits your schedule. The information will be there as a guide and a reference throughout the life of your membership.

Do I have to follow along? 

Do I have to follow along? 

Although The Colourway is updated every month with a new dye plant, the information is there for you to move through at your own pace. You can follow along each month or you can dip in and out as it suits. There is no pressure to keep up, just come to it when you want or use it as a colour reference through the seasons. 

Does it matter where I live?

Does it matter where I live?

I have members from all over the world, from Ireland to Australia. While you may not have access to every plant I explore, there will be cross over between plants growing here in Ireland & plants growing in your country. While each country has it's native plants, there are many plants that have spread throughout the continents. If you're unsure, feel free to take a look through the previous months of the membership & see if any of these plants may be familiar or available to you. 

How easy is it to cancel my membership? 

How easy is it to cancel my membership? 

Explore the different subscriptions options & choose what's best for you. If you sign up for the monthly subscription you will be billed on a monthly basis until you cancel. If you need to cancel for any reason, it's really easy to do so. Go to the "manage subscription' (top right corner) in your account settings, from there you can select the option to unsubscribe and cancel your membership. If you need help with this let me know. 


Fall in love with natural colour & it's sources. 

Learn about a world of natural dye sources with exclusive member content through tutorials, guides, recipes & so much more. A monthly membership focused on community, creativity & supported exploration through the inspiring beauty of plant-based colour