In order for the colours to stick or bind effectively, the fabric needs to be scoured & mordanted before adding the dyes. Some people have great results…


One of my favourite things to do with leftover dye baths is to create inks or watercolour…

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natural dyeing with avocado stones

natural dyeing

Dyeing with avocado stones or pits

Avocados are a great beginner dye to work with. The seeds contain tannic acid which acts as a natural mordant binding to..

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Dye With Avocados

Learn how to dye with avocados

This 1-hour mini-course covers everything you need to know to get started with the basics of natural dyeing using avocado stones.   

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Want to learn but can't make it to a workshop? 

Our 'Foundations in Natural Dyeing' signature course will support you through your learning, help you master the process while growing your understanding, knowledge, confidence & skills.