If you are looking for something creative to do as the weather changes & we move towards the winter equinox, I have a host of autumn natural dye workshops lined up for November & the new year.

natural dye plants

When natural dyeing with Heather, the woody stems and flowers can both be used. These can be separated or added to the dye pot together.

What is natural dyeing

Natural dyes can be found in plants, minerals, certain insects and fungi, colour can be obtained from …

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Dye With Avocados

Learn how to dye with avocados

This 1-hour mini-course covers everything you need to know to get started with the basics of natural dyeing using avocado stones.   

colour your life with the inspiring tones of nature

Want to learn but can't make it to a workshop? 

Our 'Foundations in Natural Dyeing' signature course will support you through your learning, help you master the process while growing your understanding, knowledge, confidence & skills.