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Creative Retreat In Greece

Would you like to escape to a creative retreat in Greece this Autumn? Maybe you’d like to reconnect to your creativity in a stunning location with incredible food, scenery & good company. En Plein Air Retreat hosted by Mèlisses is sure to be an unforgettable experience! Dive into the art of natural dyeing & painting […]

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Buí: Worth A Trip To Castletownbere


London: Natural Dye Workshops

Natural Dye Workshops

6 Surprising Sources of Plant Dye

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Washing & Caring For Plant-dyed Clothing


Natural Dyeing With Hawthorn

The Hawthorn tree, ‘Crataegus monogyna’, grows across North America, Europe, and Asia. Native to Ireland & steeped in folklore, Hawthorn is an incredible source of natural colour.

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Welcome to my blog on natural dyeing!

Explore the rich world of plant-based dyes, learn about sourcing natural colours, and discover seasonal hues. Whether you're new to dyeing or an experienced enthusiast, join me as we dive into the alchemy & beauty of natural dyeing. 

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This summer was officially our wettest summer on record. With a season of grey skies, I was looking for summer & warmth anywhere I could find it.

Dyeing With Marigold Powder + Flowers

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When natural dyeing with Heather, the woody stems and flowers can both be used.

Natural Dyeing with Heather

Natural Dye Sources

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