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Kathryn Davey

May 23, 2023

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I’m a author, self-taught designer & natural dyer sharing the beauty of natural dyes and plant based colour with anyone that's interested :) 

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Natural Dye book

If you are looking for a natural dye book to kickstart your journey into a world of plant colour, ‘Natural Dyeing‘ a great place to start. Learn how to create colour & dye textiles naturally is full of simple yet comprehensive instructions on how to naturally dye fibre & fabrics. This natural dye book covers the entire process from start to finish. It begins with the basics, tools & equiptment, explains the different types of fibre & why this matters in natural dyeing. I discuss the various & sometimes surprising sources of natural dye & the best way to get started with this beautiful art form. I discuss mordanting, dye baths, extracting dye & expanding your palette through modifiers. With simple yet comprehensive instructions on how to extract colour from plants and dye natural fibre in any form. Whether you’re working with cellulose or animal fibres, I have included detailed instructions on how to handle both.

Natural dye book

Natural Dyeing explores the versatility of plant-based dyes, from understanding, choosing and preparing your fibre to foraging for your dyes. You can then put your skills to the test with eight projects, including a silk-dyed bandana, botanical inks & plant-dyed linen bags.

Natural Dyeing inspires you to experiment with natural dyes to give old garments a new lease of life. It shows you how to introduce plant colour into your home textiles, wardrobe & creative persuits.

The book is available to purchase in my shop & through many independent bookstores. It’s also available at Scout, my favourite Dublin store & Mamaowl in the U.K. (If you know of any other shops stocking the book, please let me know so I can include them 🙂

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