How to make watercolor paint from plants

Learn how to make watercolor paint or inks from plants with our step-by-step guide.

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Natural Colour

St.John’s Wort Natural Dye

Of all the plants I have experimented with, this is by far the most surprising!

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Natural Dye News

Irish Linen: Fibre to Fabric

By the early 1900s, Northern Ireland had over 75,000 people working in the linen industry and it had become one of the largest linen-producing regions in the world.

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IT is an ancient practice of extracting colour or dyes from plants, invertebrates, LICHENS or MINERALS

Natural dyes have been used to colour textiles for centuries. While we do not know exactly when our ancestors discovered that natural materials could be used as forms of pigment, ink or dye.

for the purpose of dyeing cloth & natural fibres. 

what is natural dyeing?


Learn how to dye fabric with avocado stones

Learn how to dye with avocados

This 1-hour mini-course covers everything you need to know to get started with the basics of natural dyeing using avocado stones.   

Want to learn but can't make it to a workshop? 

Our 'Foundations in Natural Dyeing' signature course will support you through your learning, help you master the process while growing your understanding, knowledge, confidence & skills.